Professional experience

I have been running Natalie Light Training & Behaviour since 2008 and have worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners over the past decade.

I have always aspired to work with animals and before setting up my own consultancy, I worked as an ecologist and conservationist for a wildlife charity.


Academic qualifications

  • University of Winchester - "Changing attitudes to pet dog training in Britain" PhD (2015 to present)
  • University of Winchester - Learning & Teaching in Higher Education PGCert (2016-2017)

  • Newcastle University - Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare PGDip (2013 to 2015)

  • University of Southampton - Zoology BSc 2:1
    (2001 to 2004)


Train the Trainer
Canine First Aid – Animal Aiders
Canine Communication and Body Language: “What our dogs really learn in class” – Shelia Harper
Stress in Dogs – Winkie Spears
Influencing dog owner behaviour - Steven Jenkinson
Canine Secrets – Sheila Harper
Conflict resolution (people)
Influencing dog owner behaviour and compliance 2 day workshop – Steven Jenkinson
Rewards, Reinforces, Lures and Bribes - Pauline Jackson
Nutrition and Behaviour - Dr Rebecca Ledger
History Taking - Karen Wild
Pheromonatherpy (Adaptil) - Lucy Brett
Defining and Assessing Animal Welfare: with reference to companion animal problem behaviour - Natalie Waran
Integrating Services with a Veterinarian
Disability Awareness (people)
Neutering, autism, vaccination, thyroid and arthritis - Nick Thompson
Scary Marys - Kristine Glover
Understanding Punishment - Anne McBride
2013 APBC annual conference
Clamping Down on Dangerous Dogs: Protecting the public and promoting more responsible pet ownership.
How to control predatory chase in dogs – David Ryan
Dog Law seminar – Cooper & Co
Puppy classes: Is it right to encourage the party animal? – Claire Hargrave
Dog Aggression – Julie Bedford
Dog Tracking and Scentwork – Pat Tagg
Dogs Behaving Badly: Could they be ill? Caroline Warnes
Aggression in Dogs – Brenda Aloff
What is my Dog Thinking? - Patricia McConnell
Inter-dog aggression - Claire Hargrave
Training targets DogAID seminar – Samantha Dobson
2014 APBC Annual Conference
The Human Half of Dog Training – Rise Van Fleet
Canine First Aid – Animal Aiders
Dangerous Dogs Act Law Seminar – Trevor Cooper
Introduction to Being an Expert Witness APBC webinar with Anne McBride
Foundation Tracking 2-day course – Pat Tagg
Clicker Expo Europe – Karen Pryor Academy 3 day seminar
Aggression in Dogs – Kendal Shepherd
Using tracking in behavioural therapy – Pat Tagg
Ultimate Self Control workshop – Sian Ryan
Affective Neuroscience - Jaak Panksepp
20 Things every dog trainer should know - Roger Abrantes
APBC Practical Assessment Weekend
Medical Detection Dogs Training
Understanding, predicting and changing Behaviour - APBC Medication in Behaviour Modification - APBC
Behaviour Expression in Cats in a Domestic Setting - Sarah Ellis
Identification of Emotional States in Equines through Observation - Loni Loftus
anine First Aid - Helen Hitchings
TCBTS Annual Conference - Professor Daniel Mills
Ready, Steady, Teach - Morag Heirs
2017 APBC Annual Conference
Living and Learning with Animals - Dr Susan Friedman
Introduction to Being an Expert Witness
Ready, Steady, Teach - Morag Heirs
Resource Guarding & In-house Fighting – Karen Wild
2018 APBC Annual Conference
2018 IAABC Annual conference