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What is involved in a behaviour assessment?

With new clients, I conduct a behaviour assessment in the first instance so that I can gather lots of information and observe the behaviour of your dog. The assessment takes around 1.5 hours and involves us talking through the behavioural history form to establish the emotional basis and potential causes and maintenance factors for the behaviour your dog is exhibiting. If appropriate, I will assess your dog around my own dogs and we will work through some practical training strategies together.

Where does it take place?

Most assessments take place at my secure outdoor venue but depending on the nature of the behaviour or time of year, it may be more appropriate for me to come to your home. The venue will be confirmed at the time of booking. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of the initial behaviour assessment is £225. Depending on your insurance policy, you are likely to be able to claim the cost of my services back. I take cash or card payments but am unable to claim directly from your insurance company. 

What happens after the assessment?

You will receive a tailored report and training plan for you to work through with my help and I aim to email this out within 10 working days of our assessment. After the assessment, further follow up sessions may be beneficial and these are charged at £55 per hour. I also run classes and groups which are invite only and you will be given access to if it is appropriate for you and your dog. I will be available for ongoing email and phone support when I am in the office and I encourage my clients to keep in touch and provide progress reports. You will also be invited to a secret Facebook group for Natdogs clients. 

What do you need to do to book an assessment?

In order to book an assessment slot, I need 2 forms completed and returned to me. Please follow the steps below to ensure you have a provided all of the necessary information as failure to do so will result in a delay to your booking.


Step 1: Complete and return the new client form via email or using the online form. 

Step 2: Complete and return the Behavioural history form

Step 3: Confirm your appointment time, date and location with me via email.

CONtact details

Please return all forms via email to nat@natdogs.com.